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About Varied / Hobbyist Core Member Michael HarrisUnited States Groups :iconsailor-venus-fc: Sailor-Venus-FC
For the loving Sailor Venus fans
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Deviant for 5 Years
3 Week Core Membership:
Given by ArthurT2015
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Random Favourites

Kimi to Boku - Yuuta by Jyiscool Kimi to Boku - Yuuta :iconjyiscool:Jyiscool 13 2 Long Skirt for AmariJun's Sailor-Uniform for G2F by amyaimei Long Skirt for AmariJun's Sailor-Uniform for G2F :iconamyaimei:amyaimei 15 18 Sailor Team by riccardobacci Sailor Team :iconriccardobacci:riccardobacci 202 0 Sailor Moon by NeonPebble Sailor Moon :iconneonpebble:NeonPebble 53 27 Sailor Venus - Sailor Senshi of Venus by PrincessShiera Sailor Venus - Sailor Senshi of Venus :iconprincessshiera:PrincessShiera 17 5 Senshi by lunatycy-project Senshi :iconlunatycy-project:lunatycy-project 100 12 Usagi by iliowahine Usagi :iconiliowahine:iliowahine 10 0 Chibiusa by iliowahine Chibiusa :iconiliowahine:iliowahine 18 7 Setsuna by iliowahine Setsuna :iconiliowahine:iliowahine 11 1 Save me from her! by iliowahine Save me from her! :iconiliowahine:iliowahine 12 2 Sailor Kick Ass by Maru89 Sailor Kick Ass :iconmaru89:Maru89 52 5 Sparkling World by Yenni-Vu Sparkling World :iconyenni-vu:Yenni-Vu 343 93 Happy Birthday Ami Chan by keidashu Happy Birthday Ami Chan :iconkeidashu:keidashu 95 17 Ami Chan Summer 2 by keidashu Ami Chan Summer 2 :iconkeidashu:keidashu 50 7 Happy Birthday Ami Chan 2015 by keidashu Happy Birthday Ami Chan 2015 :iconkeidashu:keidashu 25 7 Super Neptune Lineart by Taulan-art Super Neptune Lineart :icontaulan-art:Taulan-art 41 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Cosplay?
Yes I officially do. Proof is above ^^^^^ However, I can only do Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon, and due to troubled-some events in the past, these are the conventions I can ONLY go to:

Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf WonderCon
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Anime Expo
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Int'l Sailor Moon Day
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf :new:San Diego Comic Con:new:
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf :new:Akibafest by Aniplex:new:
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf :new:Comicaze/LA Comic Con:new:

I'll always be sure to update on Journal whenever cons are coming and wether or not i'll be able to attend. If you are a cosplayer, attending ANY of the conventions shown above, and would like to cosplay with me, PLEASE :note: me within a week prior to the event.

Please read the status here:
Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
No Kiribans by SweetDuke Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke No ACEOs by SweetDuke

REQUESTS - Sorry, I can't do Requests. Only my family can make me requests. I can do commissions.

COMMISSIONS - Please look on the right on the bottom of the journal. Points, PayPal, & Square Cash* (for those who do NOT have ether Points or PayPal) are accepted.

ART TRADEs - Please :note: me if you would like to do a art trade.

COLLABERATIONS - Sorry, I can only do with my friends and family.

*More info on Square Cash coming soon

You do have a cute OC, Can I make my own?
Of course you can.....if you know how to make your OWN OC. However if you'd like me to make a OC for you, It'll cost depending on Render Quality, see commissions. I rarely do MMD so DO NOT ASK to make a OC in MMD, I only use DAZ Studio. Humans ONLY.

How long you have been on DeviantART?
I would say about over 4 years. I've started signing up for dA in May 2012 and first published my first ever deviation in September 2012. It was really fun over the years.

How come these Users are your favorite?
These users: :iconarthurt2015::iconmcmxc2::iconprincessdawn3d::iconbellaclairecosplays: and :iconmariosonicmoon:
are my one and only family to me. They really mean something to me deeply in my heart and soul. I love them so much in this community.

Why Price on render quality?
I believe it's best to save all the hard work. Though putting all the saved scenes, is so easy for me (even the hardest stuff). Renders are quite hard as you would think. Though to make it the perfect render, most of the hard work needs to be done.

From UberEnviroment to iRay to LuxRender, most of the stuff takes a lot of time. It can take hours (if not) days to make this as best as it gets.

Do you RP?
Yes I do. I used to RP on Twitter and Facebook, but now I do on here. It's at least a good opportunity to raise my motivations to the top! NOTE that, I can only RP from these Anime(s) with or without my OC Self:

Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Sailor Moon
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Inuyasha
Bulletgreen by Wooded-Wolf Girls und Panzer

If you have a OC like a anime girl driving, that makes me a lot happier! If you have a starter, please note me. Sorry, NO robots, or weird stuffs on here. Got it? Good.

I would like a commission, Do you accept PayPal?
YES. I accept DeviantART :points: Points, PayPal, Google Wallet, & Square Cash. I don't plan to use on Stripe at this time.


May 28, 2017
5:57 pm
May 28, 2017
8:53 am
May 28, 2017
2:39 am
May 27, 2017
1:48 pm
May 27, 2017
10:52 am


Help me get to SDCC 2017!

Help me get to San Diego Comic Con 2017!!!

You can help by Donating by GoFundMe* OR PayPal

*Only works for US, Canada, and Europe. For other countries, use PayPal


GoFundMe is a crowdsourced, fundraising website that help those in need as well as creating a specialized campaign tool that can help raise money for any needs of any kind. Think of it has a crowdsourced 'piggy bank' that everyone helps adding money to your piggy bank.


I would knew anyone (even bro would ask me as he does live in the Philippines). GoFundMe can ONLY work in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and European countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland). So if nether are listed then unfortunately you cannot use it. Please see the next question below.


For DeviantArt points.....NO. Points can only be used for DeviantArt ONLY and cannot be converted to real cash (it is against TOS).

If you have PayPal, then that will work. Unfortunately because since November, GoFundMe has switched from using PayPal to WePay (for obvious security and privacy reasons). I will provide a special PayPal link to help you make a contribution to make it easier. To help keep up with my goal quota status, I will create a specialized widget (converting from my old "Help me get CORE membership" to "Help me get to SDCC". It will include a progress bar, links to where to donate, and as well as the lists whom donated it.


Of course! GoFundMe always use the latest secure standards (used on banks). Even if you withdrawal any money it is always safe (if you're brave enough to give them valuable personal information to verify identity for preventing fraud, terrorism, and money-laundering). If you still concerned of safety as well as for security reasons, I would be best reading the ENTIRE campaign first then look at the quota goal, and use PayPal (on a separate special link).



Mikey186's Profile Picture
Michael Harris
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Welcome to My world. Now, uh...go home" ~Buck

Railfan, Trainz Content Creator, 3D creative, DeviantART supporter, coding, Sailor Moon 'moonie', 'Standalone' Tuxedo Mask cosplayer, Periscoper, Web Designer, Gamer (ShellShock Live and Golf w/Friends), and more curious of everything

Legendary fan of Cyberchase since 2006. Long time Sailor Moon fan since 2011.

Location: United States, California, Santa Monica

Favorite Artists: Users: :iconarthurt2015:, :iconmcmxc2:, :iconxsakuyachan510x:, :iconprincessdawn3d:, :iconbellaclairecosplays:, :iconmariosonicmoon:, and all Sailor Moon Artists

Favorite Movie: All Sailor Moon Movies (R, S, & SuperS), Most of all Nickeloden Movies

Favorite TV Show(s): Sailor Moon (#1), Cyberchase (#2), iCarly (#3), Victorious (#4), Big Time Rush (#5), & Air Crash Investigation

Which Sailor Scout Are You?
Which Sailor Scout Are You?


3D Charcter Concepts
3D renders of character OC concepts. This can be your OC, OC concept from :iconarthurt2015:'s style*, OR an anime character**

INITIAL COST: $5 or 500 :points:

  • $5 or 500 :points: if you like your character w/car.
  • $10 or 1,000 :points: if you want with 3D background (transparent OR pictured background is FREE).
  • *NOTE me of the deviation you want me to remake it from. Must be from YOUR OC ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • ** Due to limited 3D stuff inventory, There is NO GUARANTEE if the reference will provided will exactly come out with the particular character as shown. Most complex 3D models ARE NOT FREE you know!
Square Cash Accepted Stamp by Mikey186  PayPal Accepted Stamp by Mikey186 
Character w/Car
Any Character of choice w/a Car you choose (list of cars coming soon).

INITIAL COST: $10 OR 100 :points:


  • $5 or 50 :points: for 3D Background (pictured background is FREE).
  • $1 or 10 :points: for each additional characters (OCs, Sailor Guardians are allowed).
Square Cash Accepted Stamp by Mikey186  PayPal Accepted Stamp by Mikey186 
Driving/Pedal Pumping mini-comic
3 OR 4 panel comic featuring the character & car you choose*. 

INITIAL PRICE: $20 or 2,000 :points:

  • $5 or 500 :points: for 3D background (pictured background is FREE).
  • $5 or 500 :points: for each additional character (first 2 is FREE).
  • $10 or 1,000 :points: for a additional panel
*List of cars coming soon.
Square Cash Accepted Stamp by Mikey186  PayPal Accepted Stamp by Mikey186 

Mid-May Updates

Sun May 21, 2017, 12:28 AM by Mikey186:iconmikey186:

Still need help on SDCC on gofundme

Comic-con Logo by Mikey186
Unfortunately, my campaign is still at $0, so I STILL need everyone's help of getting me to San Diego Comic Con this year, as this is my first time, it means a lot to me. I have to reach about by $700 by least I have to crucially reach $120 by I have to get my train tickets. I don't drive, and unfortunately, I STILL don't have a job with only just a little commissions to go on, but it's NOT ENOUGH!!! I need help if I wanna make this a huge success!!!!!

How can I help?

On my profile page, look for the widget that looks like this:
Sketch by Mikey186
You can donate via the original GoFundMe page (US & Canada ONLY), or PayPal (Everyone else around the world). Though you DO NOT have to donate the WHOLE AMOUNT!!!! Only at least a little as a tip jar would really make a difference! 

Why not commissions?

Unfortunately, commissions are just not enough due to just lack of interest....even if Melody would pay bro, I would have to start drawing something....more people get payed if one person draws and does a best drawing yet.....better than 3D, which is stupid....and I have poor handwriting skills too, so hope this is understanding.

Back on track

Finally my motivations will come back to normal, as I try to get my iCloud Drive working. so now I can be able to work more and hopefully work on 1 of my commissions as such. I have a bunch of outfits and as well I have taken a bunch of new background photos on my Lightroom mobile after my Sailor Guardians had saved the world yet again. So I hope to just try it out tomorrow morning, make some bit of edits, and will hope to continue working for more soon. I might even be working on a special street race literature soon.

More Sailor Moon news/SPOILERS

Well as you saw my status, well here it is....
Anime-Central-logo by Mikey186

Today, VIZ/Sailor Moon team held their Sailor Moon panel today at Anime Central at Rosemont, IL, and from the tweets and from reports, here is what I have found so far:
  • Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 will possibly be dubbed (more info TBD possibly at AX)
  • More physical items at Anime Central with any box of SMC 1 or 2, Sailor Moon S, or Sailor Moon R the movie
  • Sailor Moon S Set 2 to be released next month (that I already know)

And the last news that really blew my attention away..........
18582044 10155693109707971 279691362197676404 N by Mikey186

Yep, THAT IS IT. VIZ/Sailor Moon has just announced that there will be another Sailor Moon Day in NYC. That is SO :censored: UN :censored: FAIR!!!! :cries:

There's always more Sailor Moon fun most in the middle east and the east coast, while I'm STUCK ON THE WEST COAST GETTING NOTHING but lots of jealousy and depression. Just like when I was at WonderCon this year, while most of the VIZ casts (including Sandy Fox), is at Anime Boston on the east coast! This is :censored: STUPID. It's like here on the west coast, they're not much to just have a interest of Japanese pop culture and nether bother to invite the VIZ Sailor Moon casts.

Now this, as there is a Sailor Moon day at NYC, why not another Sailor Moon day at AX! JUST :censored: NOT FAIR. This would not be just like what happened back at AX 2014, the WORST YEAR i have experienced in my life. So now what do I do? There's only one way I'll have to do, I'm going there to NYC just to see them and get their autographs in person........but there's another problem too, it's gonna be like $3 GRAND just to fly over to NYC, get a hotel, and get my badge to Anime NYC.

I will have to start another FAILED GoFundMe campaign after SDCC. And I'll have to get the funds all ready by the end of October. Since this excitement had just came out, I would really wish I just want to go there.....but because it's gonna be a long ways away, there's just no garentee or no better way to just reach to reach NYC to the convention as it is my first time there......I just have a bad feeling it'll be like AX 2014 all over again if I cannot make this.....If that happens.....then I guess prepare for my departure by the end of the year....besides, there is NO WAY I'll be able to make up this kind of money, because again, I would have to get started on drawing as people (even Melody does it to bro), people get payed so much when you draw instead of 3D which is something I'm not good at it. Even when I plan for Vegas in August, the only problem is my dad is STILL recovering from cancer, and he's not getting his taste buds, not willing to gain weight, and not even to go out and excersice. This is just not good progress, and wont be getting better anytime soon (from my standpoint, it's gonna take a YEAR or 2 to get him better). and so because of that, there's very doubt if I'll be able to come to Vegas in August, and if I don't have the money from there, and even it's almost as taking out most of my savings, I AM :censored: HARD and BAD THINGS will come........but if that happens, all I can say, as one character I know would say....
I decide when I'm done.

Skin by SimplySilent


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